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5 stars on Windows7Download
5 stars on GearDownload
5 stars on Download Typhoon
5 stars on Top4download
5 from 5 points on
5 from 5 points on Sluneč
Third place on Internet World Prague 2001 in competition for the product of the year
9 from 10 points for version 4.2 on CHIP CD
version 4.1: minireview in journal CHIP 12/04 and 9 from 10 points on CHIP CD
10 from 10 points for version 4.1 on CHIP CD
9 from 10 points and placement between hits in issue 3/02 for version 4.0 on CHIP CD
10 form 10 points for version 3.0 on CHIP CD
5 z 5 bodů for version 2.0 on CD Český výběr 4
9 form 10 points for version 2.0 on CHIP CD
9 from 10 points for version 1.0 on CHIP CD

Program description

HTML editor Yugie is designed for both beginners and advanced developers in creation of web pages. The application is also ideal for learning HTML. The main goal of this program is simplified wherever possible the routine work which is repeated during the creation of HTML documents.

This application can easy create frames, tables, click maps, css layout or php scripts and JavaScript.

One of the great advantages of this editor is a simple operation, which contributes significant way the layout of icons on the desktop, which is clear and intuitive.

Hardware requirements and supported operating systems

This program requires to run a computer with installed operating system Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP. Recommended screen resolution is 1280x1024 and higher. This application is 32 bit, but it can be run on 64 bit OS Windows 8, 7 and Vista. Older 32-bit operating systems from Microsoft (Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0 and 2000) are not supported and the author does not guarantee that on this systems will the program work.

Version 5.x includes more than 34 improvements and innovations. Here are some of them:

  • redesigned user interface and program core
  • automatic insertion of the closing tag for pair tags
  • change the closing tag when changing begining tag in HTML, XHTML and XML documents
  • validation support for HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML documents and PHP scripts
  • support the creation of multiple types of documents
  • support prompters for HTML, XHTML, CSS documents, JavaScript and PHP scripts
  • improve the internal browser
  • sophisticated support for external browsers
  • support of parameters when viewing the document
  • support for opening of multiple external browsers at once
  • plug-in support in format p4y v3
  • support more sophisticated templates (ySAB v2 format)
  • selected text can be inserted in to the brackets and quotes
  • start page with quick navigation
  • improved printing support
  • support for multilingual user interface
  • improved archiving
  • improved RTF import
  • sophisticated system of searching and replacing text
  • on-line help
  • improved UTF-8 support
  • updates over the Internet
  • HTML Tools for referencing JS and CSS files in the document (from version 5.1)
  • improving the settings of default document for viewing (from version 5.1)
  • improving the manually adding of the references to CSS and JSS files for parameters CLASS, ID and events (from version 5.1)
  • possibility of opening the "Start page" from the menu (from version 5.1)
  • improving of the short cuts (from version 5.1)
  • automatic reopening of the document, which was changed outside the editor (from version 5.1)
  • comment out the selected text and cancellation of the commentary (from version 5.1)
  • ability to display non-printable characters (from version 5.1)
  • opportunity to open a file by typing its path as a program command line parameter (from version 5.1)
  • ability to save positions of docking windows (from version 5.1)
  • improving of the .NET Framework detection (from version 5.1)
  • improving compatibility with Windows 8 (from version 5.1)
  • code folding (from version 5.2)
  • support for the Chromium core in an internal browser (from version 5.3)
  • integration to the popup system menu (from version 5.3)
  • ...



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