Reviewers choice on
5 stars on Windows7Download
5 stars on GearDownload
5 stars on Download Typhoon
5 stars on Top4download
5 from 5 points on
5 from 5 points on Sluneč
Third place on Internet World Prague 2001 in competition for the product of the year
9 from 10 points for version 4.2 on CHIP CD
version 4.1: minireview in journal CHIP 12/04 and 9 from 10 points on CHIP CD
10 from 10 points for version 4.1 on CHIP CD
9 from 10 points and placement between hits in issue 3/02 for version 4.0 on CHIP CD
10 form 10 points for version 3.0 on CHIP CD
5 z 5 bodů for version 2.0 on CD Český výběr 4
9 form 10 points for version 2.0 on CHIP CD
9 from 10 points for version 1.0 on CHIP CD

Plug-ins description


Plug-in serves for viewing and editing of opened documents in binary form.

Lorem Ipsum

Plug-in for creating pseudo latin text for a web page content demonstration.

Charset Converter (Zeus)

Plug-in for simple changing charset of files.

Lower Case Files

Plug-in for mass renaming of the file name and its extension.

Picture Viewer (Picturie)

Plug-in for viewing images, for easy color selection from it and for editing it in any external editor.


Plug-in for obtaining information about domains from whois servers.


Plug-in for comparing two documents.


Simple FTP client that allows you to upload files to FTP servers on the Internet.



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