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5 stars on Windows7Download
5 stars on GearDownload
5 stars on Download Typhoon
5 stars on Top4download
5 from 5 points on
5 from 5 points on Sluneč
Third place on Internet World Prague 2001 in competition for the product of the year
9 from 10 points for version 4.2 on CHIP CD
version 4.1: minireview in journal CHIP 12/04 and 9 from 10 points on CHIP CD
10 from 10 points for version 4.1 on CHIP CD
9 from 10 points and placement between hits in issue 3/02 for version 4.0 on CHIP CD
10 form 10 points for version 3.0 on CHIP CD
5 z 5 bodů for version 2.0 on CD Český výběr 4
9 form 10 points for version 2.0 on CHIP CD
9 from 10 points for version 1.0 on CHIP CD

Frequently Asked Questions

I enter the correct data to the yFTP plug-in, but I can not login.
You must turn on the passive transfer mode for some internet providers.

How to change the background color on my site?
Use a prompter for the given parameter in tag BODY.

How can I place an access counter on my sites?
Easiest is to place your sites on any server which supports this service. Or use the offer of specialized servers.

The websites are fully functional on my computer, but not on a server.
Most of servers are running under Linux which is case sensitive. So your files must have same upper or lower case letters on your local computer and on the server.

I create thumbnails with the function Gallery, but I but I didn't see it in webbrowser.
Check if you are set the path to the thumbnails correctly.

The blinking font does not work on my websites.
This type of font may not be supported in all web browsers.

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